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Insurance is required on any boat that is financed thru a lending institution. Millers’ also recommends insurance coverage on most boats that are paid for.

Boat insurance is there to cover you against theft, impact related damage, vandalism, accidents, and more. It is not intended to pay for mechanical failures or any required maintenance. Most insurance companies and agents offer boat insurance, however coverage and premiums vary.

Millers’ recommends that you start off by checking with your current insurance provider regarding a quote for your new or used boat. If you are satisfied with the coverage and premium, the have them contact Millers Finance & Insurance Department for the serial numbers and other required information. Using your existing agency is usually the easiest method.

If you are not satisfied with the quote you received, or if your agent cannot provide boat insurance, below is a partial listing of some insurance companies that offer competitive prices and coverage.

N.B.O.A.: Call 1-800-248-3512 for a quote.
Progressive Insurance: Call 1-888-220-1650 for a quote.
Boaters Insurance Agency: Call 1-800-344-7488 for a quote.

After you have bound coverage for your boat, please make sure that the agent forwards a copy of the binder to us via fax or e-mail.

Please feel free to contact Lynn with any questions.

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